Temur Kovačević

Turkish Guerilla and Engineer


Nicknames: Temh(by Kashmiris), Kova (by Anton)
Born: April 12, 2007 (Age 39) in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska
Ethnicity: Bosniak-Tatar
Nationality: Turk
Religion: Hanafi Islam
Languages: Arabic, Turkish, Russian, A smattering of a few others
Occupation before The Spasm: Electrician, Turkish Irregular, Central Asian Warfighter
During the Final War: Refugee in Kashmir, Islamist Rebel
Notable Features: Collar Scar, Arm Tattoos

Physical: Standing about six feet and sturdily built, Temur casts an imposing shadow. Sharp and attentive eyes peer out from under his hat, concealing short-cropped hair. He wears a thick black beard, heavy on the mustache, clearly from lack of regular shaving. He could pass for a local in Istanbul, but has both South Slav and Turkish features, and the swarthy complexion of his Ankaran mother. He wears his dusty camp outfit loosely and doesn’t roll his sleeves up for work, and his movements are deceptively quick and precise. Although he appears aloof at times, when approached he casts a warm smile and enjoys friendly (but superficial) conversation.

Temur carries a long and grisly looking scar from his collarbone to his sternum, a complex ottoman calligraphic tattoo on his right upper arm, and a simple turkish tattoo on his right inner forearm. He carries about a bright green bandana, used mostly as a headband. The edge features embroidery of the bosniak army and the interior has a white stylized “Shahada”. He sometimes also wears a jordanian-style shemagh, along with a thick officer’s jacket.

  • April 12, 2007: Born in Banja Luka to Salim, a Bosniak Physician and Gizem Paşa, a Tatar-Turkish lawyer. First child. Both parents are practicing Bosnian Muslims, although a significant portion of mother’s family is Greek Orthodox
  • 2011: Family moves to Istanbul for work, are relatively well-off given mother’s lucrative job
    August 1, 2011: Younger brother Savaş born in Istanbul
  • 2012: Start school in Istanbul. Known as a rather boisterous child.
  • April 13, 2013, Younger sister Sibel born in Ankara
    Sometime in 2018: Salim’s brother Mahmud dies in a Syrian suicide attack. Parents divorce.
  • 2019: Bosniaks suffer under Balkan civil unrest. Salim travels to Herzegovina as a medic. Family moves to Ankara due to Gizem’s new job as a corporate consultant for Azeri oil companies.
  • 2021: Gizem marries the cousin of Abdullayev, an Azeri petrol oligarch.
  • 2022-2023: Balkan situation calms down momentarily. Travel there for 2 years to live with father and Bosnian family. Learn to play Herzegovinian music. Study at the UN school. Visit Ankara twice in this period. Savaş and Sibel are sent to live in the UAE for schooling, paid for by SOCAR (a petrol corp)
  • 2023-2026: Study in UAE with siblings. Civil unrest continues in the Middle-East. Consider joining the Turkish army but get talked out of it. Start university two years early, mostly due to curriculum mismatches over the years of travel. Study Engineering at Anadolu in Eskişehir, Turkey but have to leave early. Manage to travel to saudi arabia and egypt in this time period, just for vacations.
  • April 3, 2026: Salim shot by Bosnian Serbs while on a trip to Republika Srpska. Lives. Temur travels to Kosovo to see him.
  • 2026: Finish up engineering degree in Herzegovina. In the mean time, get involved with Bosniak militia. Help them modify phones etc for bombs. By 2027, working full-time for Arab rebels and leave to Central Asia to support the movements there.
  • 2027: Salim finds out about all this, and gets Temur an EE job in Kosovo. Work there for a bit and am introduced to Anya Makhmudov, a Bulgarian medical student living there, by extended relatives. Took a liking to her, even though she was not a believer. However in the first week of March, Salim along with a few distant relatives is killed in a neo-nazi bombing in Zagreb. Family members flee the area as violence springs up again. Join Turkish military and join up with rebels in central asia.
  • 2028-2032: Fight with rebels, but once again am pulled back to the Balkans to fight serb nationalists, this time however guided by russian spec-ops (where Anton was met). Lost contact with family in Turkey however. Last info was that both siblings will study medicine in either the UAE or Switzerland. Don’t really care too much. The war is more important. Develop a bit of a hatred towards serbs (obviously), westerners (because they only supported arab movements when useful to them) and fascists. Become a resident “bomb-maker”. Get deployed by the Turks to indonesia to fight in the oil war, but only for a few months. On the way back, visit Azerbaijan for 8 months, but don’t manage to find family there. I do inherit some estate in Bosnia and Ankara though. However it is likely that they moved to the UAE. However Anya is here, and after a few months of rest we get engaged. She does not know what kind of military I served in – my Turkish position as “combat engineer” is used as cover. The Marriage is scheduled to happen in Moscow, in 1.5 years after she finishes medical school, but under the condition that I get an engineering job in Moscow. However her family probably knows about sort-of-sketchy stuff in Bosnia I was into, and cuts the plans off.
  • 2032-2038: The spasm. Sell off estates in Ankara for money, and go back to fighting in central asia until mid-2034, when the final war hits the area. Flee to pakistan and live with islamist rebels there, then flee to Kashmir. Called to action in punjab. Find out there that Gizem tried to contact me before the war from Paris, from old email servers. Flee back to Kashmir, and hide in the Hindu Kush.
  • 2038-2044: Serve as a mechanic, electrician and militiaman for the Kashmiri rebels in the area, under the nickname “Temh”. In the time, collect as many books on science as possible and attempt to engineer communications devices. Punjab has more of these, but they are written in Punjabi for the most part. Manage to assimilate into the Kashmiri people.
  • 2039: Nimaat, a Kashmiri doctor, dies a preventable death at the hands of bandits. Terribly distraught.
  • January 2043: Kashmiri gang ambushed by Chinese nomads. Most killed. Continue alone, aiding/stealing from villages on the way.
  • Early 2044: Captured by the New Delhi AI while on a journey through the mountains, betrayed by chinese botlickers.
  • Mid September 2044: Escape from Patna Slave Camp, assisted by Naxalites.

Temur Kovačević

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