Patna Construction Camp

The Patna Construction camp is one of the largest slave labor camps created by the New Delhi AI. The internal population is generally kept around 1500 slaves.

Facility Purpose

The construction camp is a middle-point construction yard and materials processing facility for New Delhi’s various projects. Raw minerals are smelted and synthesized and various machined parts of all sizes are shipped into the camp and assembled by the inmates into vehicles, robots, and buildings of various stages of completion.
Humans use exosuits under careful supervision for loading, moving, and unloading heavy materials and crates. Other inmates may be tasked all day with piecing together fine computer assemblies as fast as they can.
Sometimes inmates are pulled from the camp to assist with remote mining operations and escorted by heavily armed exterminator squads.

Daily Life

Life at the Patna Construction camp is difficult but not horrific. Hard and/or repetitive labor is a given, but as for amenities, the overseer of this camp is actually quite lenient, and the inmates are treated fairly well.

Daily Schedule:

06:00 Wake up call
07:00 Breakfast ends
07:15 Inmates are organized by task
07:30 Inmates arrive at posts
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Lunch ends, inmates return to post
18:00 Work Bell
18:30 Dinner
19:30 Showers / Clean clothes
22:00 Lights out


Every inmate is given either a top or bottom bunk in a same-sex barracks-like building. Each slave is also given an electronically locked trunk (10″×40″×20″) at the foot of their bed. When new slaves arrive, they find their uniform in here along with a simple 24 hr digital watch, brimmed hat, and various toiletries. After a day’s work, inmates remove their clothes before showering and put them in this trunk. Upon returning these clothes are always clean and pressed and neatly placed on the left side of the trunk. Inmates are required to wear uniform at all times, but the overseer of Patna determined that it is unnecessary to take all personal affects from slaves. After capturing humans, it only confiscates weapons, metallic items, and any chemicals that could be conceivably synthesized for dangerous applications.


Chunna – Garbonzobean curry
Dal – Lentil Dish
Paratha – Pan fried flatbread
Saag – Spinach dish
Sattu – Indian Oatmeal
Occasional vat-grown fish curry

Patna Construction Camp

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