Vultures in the Heat

Chapter 1: Breakout
"What do we do? Due North." -Vitoli


05/13/42 – Anton is captured
06/28/44 – Temur is captured
07/26/44 – Ramadan party
09/01/44 – Changing of posts/Enrollment in vulture squad
09/01/44 – First vulture run


Because being enslaved by the robots is shitty, Temur and Anton are hatching plans to escape the Patna Construction Camp. In the interest of self-preservation, they have also decided to make a break for the Himalayas, not only in hopes of meeting up with the remaining Gurkha in the region, but also to avoid Brisbane and Manilas’ little genocide party down South.

Anton entered the camp in the year 2042 and has since had nothing but time on his hands. He knows the ins and outs of it’s facilities better than most, but alas the security is tight, and no one has ever escaped Patna proper…
Temur arrived with some fanfare to Anton’s scene. With his turkish, muslim, and slavic backgrounds, he has been quite the social chameleon. Anton and Temur find out quickly that if they want to get out of this place, the best way is to evade the exterminators during their vulture run. Temur sets to work brown-nosing the leader of the vulture runners, a Pakistani muslim fundamentalist named Abdulaziz Hassani.
Anton works his connections: his bunkmate Delpati Nehru is a former Gurkha and he tells Anton that during his vulture running, he has come across enough supplies to make a radio, but he doesn’t know how to build it. Temur is able assemble the radio and jury-rig it to the construction crane. Temur figures that they’ll be able to broadcast once out to a range of 85 miles, which just barely reaches the Nepalese border. Hopefully it was picked up by a way station run by resistance members…
Temur meets a few other interesting characters along the way. He finds a gorgeous woman from Punjab named Rana Singh. Apparently extremely well trained by her father, a very war-like Sikh, she served in the final war at a . She and Temur both speak Kasmiri and she’s the only one that can beat him on the running track. Temur puts the moves on and over the course of 5 weeks or so, things escalate to now-they’re-hopping-over-the-recyard-fence-to-find-a-place-to-fuck-in-private. While this is all well and good, Temur had his eyes on another woman in the camp. A Jewish girl from Israel by the name of Arielle Rothschild. While all this business with Rana is going on, Temur thought it would be a good time for a side project. He approached Arielle’s group horizontally, associating with Haji, one of Arielle’s close friends and protector. Arielle is a very smart girl however, and quickly picks up on Temur’s wiles. Things start to escalate, and Temur remains conflicted.

Meanwhile, Temur succeeds in getting himself and Arielle onto the vulture squad with a well-planned Ramadan party. Impressed with his character-judging abilities Abdulaziz asks Temur if he would like to help him with recruiting, and eventually Anton and Vitoli are added to the lineup, with a little help from Dal.
In preparation for this, they have cleverly assembled an assortment of improvised, non-metallic weapons and armor to hopefully make the vulture running a little less dangerous and give them the upper hand against any hostile residents of the areas they visit.

As time goes on, Anton notices Temur’s “double-dipping” and convinces him that nothing good can come out of this, especially if they want to help Arielle escape with them, her loyalties in-tact. Begrudgingly, Temur agrees, but he still doesn’t stop immediately. Finally he cuts things off with Rana, but it’s sudden and not exactly the smoothest of operations.

Supporting NPCs

Abdulaziz Hassani
Arielle Rothschild
Dalpati Nehru
Rana Singh
Vitoli Tsiryulnikov


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